Shout Out: Casella Resource Solutions

Meet Our Sponsors |May 3, 2016

This season, we’re excited to partner with Casella once again to bring you this season’s hit musical, The Music Man. “Seventy-Six Trombones,” “Til There Was You,” “Trouble,” and many more favorites. This musical is about transformation and feels as fresh as the year it opened on Broadway.

And we couldn’t do it without our underwriter, Casella Resource Solutions. Thanks for supporting the arts, Casella, and this summer’s feel-good musical!

Listen: Liza Casella on motivation

A brief background: Across the country, thousands of municipalities, businesses, institutions, and households are working to increase their recycling and reduce their waste. They understand how wasting less and recycling more can help conserve resources, protect the climate, support jobs, and create value. Some have already made great progress, and others are just getting started, but nearly everyone wants to be doing more. “As a resource management company, we view our customers as partners, each with their own values, expertise, and a unique set of waste streams waiting to be renewed.”


“Nationwide, about 35% of the waste stream is recycled and 65% is disposed. . This is according to EPA reporting, which also tells us that a large portion of this disposed material could have been recycled using traditional recycling technology. Another large portion is organics which could have been diverted via donation, composting, or other forms of organics recycling. In fact, we could drastically improve our national diversion rate by fully utilizing the strategies available to us today. To help our customers increase diversion and create value from each component of the waste stream, Casella offers a full suite of services: recycling, collection, organics, energy, and landfills to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.”

The bottom line… “Partnering with our customers around Resource Solutions is the number one way we can help protect the environment, support our communities, and build our business.” On behalf of the entire Music Man family, we salute and appreciate your commitment, Casella. Friends, get your tickets today!


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