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Black Lives Matter

This year has been one of constantly evolving landscapes, first as a reaction to COVID-19 and now as the country responds to the killing of George Floyd. In thinking about how fast the world is changing, we quickly realized that perhaps this is not a changing world, but a world revealing itself. Long simmering hurts are coming to the surface as we struggle to heal from the immediate crisis. Weston has a long history of advancing social justice and equity on its stages. It is a part of our values and it is the nature of our community that we aim to create an open, equitable, and inclusive culture that supports artists, theatre makers, and audiences from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We stand in solidarity with our black colleagues, friends, mentors, alumni, artists, and theatre makers. We are outraged by the injustice, unfairness, and blindness that black people in this country must live with each and every day. We grieve for the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all of the black lives that have been lost or lessened at the hands of a state and society that consciously and unconsciously oppresses people of color. We acknowledge that we must do more—now and in the future. The power of theatre is that it makes us think and feel beyond our own scope and experiences. It awakens deep empathy and allows us to walk for a time in someone else’s shoes. It unites an entire audience to each other and to the actors on stage. We miss that moment when the shimmer of shared imagination begins, and we will commit ourselves anew every day to making our theatre more conscious, safe, and equitable. All of us at Weston know that we have hard, probing work in our future if we are to understand and mobilize our position and our privilege in service of justice.