Weston Alum: Shelby Mays

Education, Meet the Family |January 17, 2017


An internship at Weston Playhouse is an amazing opportunity to meet, interact, and work with professionals from across the theatre industry. These are the types of contacts that can last a lifetime and help jump start a career. Today we check in with former intern, Shelby Mays about her time at Weston and what she’s up to now.

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What was your internship position at Weston?
Company Management Intern, Summer 2015

What do you do now?
After my intern summer, I went back to finish up my degree at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. And was blessed by a call from Lesley before graduation asking me to come back to Weston on staff as the Company Manager for the 2016 season. I automatically accepted and spent another summer in Vermont and couldn’t have been happier. Once the 2016 season ended I jumped over to Sturbridge Massachusetts to work with a new theatre company, Brian Clowdus Experiences, as a stage manager. I stage managed an original production of The Sleepy Hollow Experience. It was an outdoor, site specific production at the Old Sturbridge Village.

What is your current and/or upcoming project?

I am working with Brian Clowdus Experiences, out of Atlanta to launch their company and work on their upcoming season. I’m also traveling and doing a little of this, and that, really anything that comes across my path. It’s a very exciting time!

How did Weston prepare you to get where you are now?
My time at Weston taught me so many things. But I think most of all it taught me how to work with lots of different people on different projects, do them all fully, and absolutely love my job every single day. It’s not often that you hear someone say that they wake up and can’t wait to go to work. But that was the case at Weston. It’s an incredible opportunity to work with people who truly love their art, love their community, and want to share that with everyone that enters their little town. On top of all of that the people at Weston are incredibly talented artist and the quality of work that is produced is unlike any other company. Being in that type of environment taught me to work diligently on every aspect of my job and to really appreciate the collaborative nature of our art. Taking those seemingly simple ideas has empowered me to walk into any job confidently.

What’s your best Weston memory?
Weston holds so many wonderful memories, I think it is impossible to narrow it down to one. But I have to say that being a part of the 80th season was something really incredible. First of all, 80 YEARS! That is an anniversary that many companies have never seen and many may never see. So to see a theatre company reach such a landmark is mind blowing. And I think reaching such a landmark is only possible because of the people. Once you have worked at The Weston Playhouse you are a part of a family. While working there I made some of the best friends I have ever had. I worked with and met artists known all over the country. I met people that worked for Weston 20 and 30 years ago. Many returned to celebrate this landmark year and it felt like a family reunion. To be a part of that family is something I will always treasure; and that little town in Vermont will always feel like home.


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Sandy Cates says:

I think Weston got as much from you, Shelby Mays, as you gave them. PERFECT FIT for you both.