Weston Alum: Travis McHale

Education, Meet the Family |January 31, 2017

Internships are the best opportunities to make the connections that you’ll need to help get your career in motion after graduation and amazing references that know the way you work. Weston Playhouse is the perfect size to attract the people that will help a young professional in their career and give them one on one time to develop these relationships. For our last post in this series on former interns, we talked to Lighting Designer, Travis McHale about how Weston has helped him.

To learn more about Weston Playhouse’s internship program or to apply for one of our intern positions click here!

What was your internship position at Weston?
Lighting Intern

What do you do now?
Still a Lighting Designer

What is your current and/or upcoming project?
I just opened Camelot at Capital Repertory Theatre and am currently the Associate Lighting Designer for Sunset Blvd on Broadway and have a full winter and spring designing at regional theaters across the country.

How did Weston prepare you to get where you are now?

I can play “Six Degrees of WPTC” with most every job I get and figure out that it came from a contact I made in Weston. Being an intern there gives you access to working professionals in your field but without a lot of competition for attention. It’s small enough to start building relationships with the people you meet while making great theatre at the same time.

What’s your best Weston memory?
There are so many to choose from in my history with the company: there are special moments from all of the 17 shows I’ve designed through the years, so many lasting and unexpected friendships made, meeting my husband literally on the steps of the playhouse, getting to sit behind the tech table and light a musical in the playhouse for the first time…but the one that stands out is the very first memory: driving down into the valley on a beautiful day and seeing that special place laid out before me is something I’ll never forget.


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