Weston Alumn: Danielle Zandri

Education, Meet the Family |January 25, 2017


Internships let students learn more about the industry, hone their skills, and learn new ones that may never have come up in the classroom. These are just some of the reasons that an internship at Weston Playhouse helped Danielle Zandri, a former Weston intern. Her internship here was not in the exact position she is now in, but she was still able to learn about the working world of theatre and gain valuable connections along the way.

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What was your internship position at Weston? When I was an intern at Weston I had the position of Production Assistant, which at the time meant helping out any department that needed extra support. This included the scene shop, props, electrics, etc. It also included running spot for 2 of the musicals. It was a great way to learn about all the different aspects of theatre at once!

What do you do now? Right now I freelance as an AEA Stage Manager. Since I was an intern, I have been a Production Assistant at other theaters (a PA in the stage management sense, not just a general helper like I was a Weston), and then eventually got offered my card.

What is your current or upcoming project?
My most recent project was PSMing a show called “45 Plays for 45 Presidents” at Merrimack Repertory Company in Lowell, MA. It was fun because it was very topical, as well as cue-heavy, so it was a good challenge. Up next, I will be filling in on a stop on the “Menopause The Musical” tour, which I worked on a few years ago.

How did Weston prepare you to get where you are now? Weston was a great place to get prepared for work as a stage manager. I got see how both, small straight-plays and big chorus musicals function, both in a technical sense, and in an Equity sense to learn about union rules. It allowed me to meet a lot different kinds of colleagues who worked with different styles and provided a nice pool of resources when I began looking for work.

What’s your best Weston memory?
All of my favorite Weston memories are usually the company events. It really brings out the sense of community that is unique to Weston.


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