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Broadway Theatre Camp

Rise and Shine - Join us in 2021!

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The Weston Playhouse offers 7th through 12th grade students with an interest in theatre performance an incredible opportunity to learn what it takes to be a Broadway performer. This year, Broadway Theatre Camp goes virtual with a series of acting, singing, and dance workshops available on the Weston Playhouse website’s education page. Take your skills to the next level with workshops on Broadway choreography, modernizing Shakespeare, and belting like your favorite pop stars in a challenging yet supportive environment with unsurpassed instruction from Broadway and regional performers. Students of all levels of experience are welcome! 

"Acting, I've come to understand, is about more than pretending to be a character.  I have learned skills that I use on a daily basis.  When giving a speech or reading an essay, I use projection, something I learned from being on stage.  When I speak with teachers or possible employers, I make eye contact.  As I continue to get more comfortable on stage, I become more comfortable with myself."  - Olivia S. 
Questions? Email Reva Stover, Artistic & Education Associate. 

Broadway Theatre Camp Virtual Workshops 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays in July | 4:00pm – 6:00pm  

Tues. July 6 - Acting for the Stage  
Have you admired the classic, dramatic, and comedic actors of Broadway or the West End? Well, you’re in luck! Now you can learn the basics of performing on stage. Learn how to command a room with your voice and your body language using the monologue of your choice. Our Teaching Artist, Willy Appelman, will guide you through the all the steps from physicality to action!  This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Wed. July 7 -   Song Selection  
Do you struggle to find songs that are right for you? Look no further than this informative and interactive workshop! Work with our incredible Teaching Artist, Larry Pressgrove, as he guides you through finding songs that fit your voice, learning how and where to cut your songs, and identifying potential audition material by genre. Our highly skilled and experience Teaching Artist will teach you how to go from learning about your audition to selecting the perfect 16 -bar cut!  This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Thurs. July 8 - Classical Musical Theatre Dance: Intro to Fosse   
You better bring your attitude! Learn a Fosse combination from the choreographer for An Iliad, Ring of Fire, and Seussical the Musical! Follow our talented Teaching Artist, Felicity Stiverson, as she leads you in classic jazz choreography with a fun Fosse flair! This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class.  

Tues. July 13 - Acting Through Song   
Learn to tell a story through your songs. From patter songs to ballad, our incredible Teaching Artist, Susan Haefner, will lead you through fun exercises to make your solo as impactful as your monologue. Whether you’ve been singing all your life or you’ve only sung in the shower, this workshop will leave you feeling confident and ready to tell any story through song! This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Wed. July 14 - Shakespeare in Modernity  
Shakespeare can be kind of intimidating. Well, no fear Shakespeare! Learn harness the power of Shakespeare for yourself in a fun and creative way! Our skilled Teaching Artist, Allison Benko, will lead participants in creating a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic works! This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Thurs. July 15 - Music Video/Film Choreography  
Are you tired of humming to yourself at the gym? Now you don’t have to! Jam out with your friends to your favorite contemporary songs as our incredible Teaching Artist, Felicity Stiverson, leads you through a music video workshop! Learn about different styles of dance as your taught complex choreography and pushed to unleash your inner Pop Star!  This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Tues. July 20 - Acting for the Camera  
Lights, Camera, Action! This fun and dynamic workshop will focus on the differences between performing for the stage and performing for the screen. Learn how to perform like your favorite movie stars using your favorite monologue from film or television! Our accomplished Teaching Artist, Susan Haefner, will take you through the steps to prepare and master your own film (or Zoom) audition. This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Wed. July 21 – Musical Theatre Auditioning 
Always wanted to audition for your school musical but didn’t know where to start? This virtual workshop will break down the do’s and don'ts of musical theatre auditioning! Work with our talented Teaching Artist, James Raposa, as he provides helpful tips and tricks as well as feedback on an audition package you may be working on! This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Thurs. July 22 - Tap and Rhythm in Musical Theatre  
Make your own rhythm! Learn to tap and make your own beat as our teaching artist, Felicity Stiverson, takes you step by step through the basics of tap and rhythm. Learn from the choreographer for An Iliad, Ring of Fire, and Seussical the Musical at the Weston Playhouse! This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class.  

Tues. July 27 - Film for Social Media 
Have you always wanted to be an influencer? Have you wondered how they do those cool transitions? The answers have arrived! Learn from our dynamic Teaching Artist, Jessica Medley, as she shows you how to film, edit, and brand your own promo to begin your career as a social media influencer. This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Wed. July 28 - Song Writing   
Do you have a song in your heart? Learn how to put it on the page or better yet on stage! Over two hours, the iconic, Larry Pressgrove, will lead you in the process of writing the first verse and chorus of your very own song! In this space, there are no wrong answers so let your creativity flow! This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class. 

Thurs. July 29 – Contemporary Musical Theatre Dance  
Learn the real choreography from a Broadway Show! Follow our accomplished Teaching Artist and choreographer, Felicity Stiverson, as she takes you step by step through real choreography from a contemporary musical theatre piece! This is a beginner/intermediate friendly class.   

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