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Walker Farm Music: Summer Edition

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Kat Wright 

Saturday, June 26 | 7:00pm | Under the Tent at Walker Farm


Kat Wright returns to Weston after her incredible 2020 sold out Walker Farm Music winter series performance. Kat, whose voice is both sultry and dynamic, delicate yet powerful; gritty but highly emotive and nuanced, has been described as “a young Bonnie Raitt meets Amy Winehouse.” Add to that voice enough stage presence to tame lions, and the combination of feline femininity proves immediately enchanting. There’s soul flowing in and out of her rock ‘n’ roll with a serpentine seduction. Some of soul music’s sweet, grand dames belt, shout, seethe, and succumb, while Wright sings gently like a heartache’s apology. It’s funky in spots and beautiful all over. And it hurts a little … like it should.
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Saturday, July 3 | 7:00pm | Under the Tent at Walker Farm


It takes time to come into focus. Upstate - a band nearly ten years in the making - is finding its essence. Founding members Mary Webster, Melanie Glenn, Harry D'Agostino, and Dean Mahoney have grown older and wiser over these years, motley in their pasts, yet ever-evolving in their presents. Their four individual artistic visions and distinct musical voices have grown into a whole more significant than the sum of its parts. Entering a new decade in tumultuous times, Upstate have grown to understand themselves both individually and as a unit and find gratitude in being able to play their role in the circle of song. And through that revelation, has recommitted themselves to the values of truth-telling and authenticity above all. Upstate has always been a band that writes honest songs and 2021 is shaping up to be their most truthful year yet. Audiences can count on what the group has always been known for: musicianship, harmony, and a "leave-it-all-up-there" show. They can also expect something that's both new, and years in the making - a band that's coming into focus.
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The Suitcase Junket

Sunday, July 4 | 7:00pm | Under the Tent at Walker Farm


Matt Lorenz's vision, manifest in The Suitcase Junket, developed in the tension between the grand and the solitary. Grand in its imagery, sound, and staging. Solitary in its thrift and self-reliance. What instruments he requires, Lorenz builds from scratch and salvage. What parts five players would perform, he performs alone. The spectacle of his one-man set bears constant comparison to legends of showmanship, brilliance, madness, and invention. While audiences are captivated by his solitary form and the show itself, Lorenz, who homesteads with rescue dogs and chickens in rural Western Massachusetts, is most serious about the songs. He has been building a catalog, writing a world into existence. Solitary on stage and on the road, his mind is crowded with characters, narratives, voices, imagery, sounds as wide and varied as mountain throat singers and roadhouse juke boxes, plus newsreels of the planet's destruction and salvage. With his 2020 release, The End is New, Lorenz's grand vision for the song overrides the how of it.