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Postcard Plays

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December 17, 2020 - December 31, 2021 Back to Shows & Events
Postcard Plays

A postcard is a way of sharing a momentary thought, a brief notion in a tiny space.  
Postcard Plays is the final installment in Weston’s 2020 Reimagined Season. With this collection, we set out to produce a unique theatrical work connected to the history and landscape of our home state. Ten theatre writers with ties to Vermont were commissioned to create new work in the spirit of a postcard. Inspired by the picture of a place and time, and limited by space, the resulting pieces are surprising, funny, and moving explorations of story and form.

View Postcard Plays here 

Weston believes that the voice of the author is central to shaping our cultural conversations locally and nationally. When we nurture new writing, we nurture new points of view and foster deeper connections within our community and beyond. As we come to the close of our 2020 Reimagined Season, we celebrate the artists who deepen our understanding of the world we live in and who inspire us to imagine the world as it might someday be.  

The postcards feature photography by Skye Chalmers from his collection, Sending Milk.
Please enjoy Postcard Plays.