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Our New Works Philosophy

Our Commitment to the Development of New Work.

Our commitment to new work is, first and foremost, a commitment to the writer/creator(s) of that work. We seek to support a healthy mix of emerging and established artists, and we believe that they should be compensated for their participation in any of our programs.

We believe that a world-class theatre should contribute to the form by making a significant commitment to the development of new work. We believe that a commitment to the development of new work must be accompanied by a similar commitment to the production of it.

While we are interested in the development of all forms of theatre, we are particularly interested in new musical work because we have unusual depth in its production and there are fewer national opportunities for their development.

We see Weston’s peaceful rural location, welcoming community, year-round staff, and growing campus as providing unique opportunities for retreats and workshops.

As a standard in the industry, we seek to have Weston acknowledged in the manuscript of all plays and musicals developed in our programs. We only seek to participate in the commercial life of properties that have received a full world premiere production on one of our stages. We believe that the production of new work should not be limited to any one stage, nor should it be limited to world premieres. Because we are a relatively small company with limited staff, we have developed close ties to major national playwright centers and graduate programs, institutional theatres with significant New Work programs, top literary agents and dramaturgs, respected commercial producers, and funders; of necessity, we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.