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Artist Retreats

Coming to the country to create...

Individual or collaborating artists (writers, composers, directors, actors, choreographers, music directors, designers, artistic directors, dramaturgs) are invited to further a new project during an all-expenses-paid week’s retreat (Sunday to Sunday) in Weston, Vermont.


Up to 10 participants receive round-trip transportation from NYC or the equivalent, a single bedroom with shared kitchen and bath in company housing, private workspace, meals/per diem, administrative support, and access to the theatre’s artistic staff, if needed. Occasional informal readings are possible. The artists gather together most evenings for dinner in their residences, private homes, or a local inn. The week culminates in an informal salon in which the participants share aspects of their work and process with interested community members.

Weston was invaluable to the development of THE LION. It’s a gloriously beautiful, deeply inspiring place. I wrote "Cookie-tin Banjo" sitting by the little river that ran past the back of my Weston house. - Benjamin Scheuer (The Lion)


By invitation.


  • 2018 Actor/Writer David Cale, Actor/Writer Vichet Chum, Writing Composing Team Avi Amon & Julia Gytri, Writing/Composing Team Sean Barry & Jenny Giering, Writer/Composer Joe Iconis, Writer/Composer Zack Zadek 
  • 2017 Actor/Writer David Cale, Actor/Writer Vichet Chum, Actor/Writer/Musician/Director Team Judith Sloan, Andrew Griffin, and Director Matt Gould, Acting/Composing/Writing Team
    Sam Lloyd, Jr., Paul F. Perry, and Jill Tracy
  • 2016 Writing/Composing Team Avi Amon & Julia Gytri, Writers Steven Drukman, David Holthouse & Markus Potter, Composer-lyricist Ryan Scott Oliver, Playwright/composer Riley Thomas & Director Markus Potter, and Actress Erin Maya
  • 2015 Writing/Composing Teams Andrea Moore & Matt Gould and Director Griffin Matthews, Aaron Jafferis & Byron Au Yong, Polly Pen & James Magruder, Composer/Lyricist Alan Schmuckler, Writer John Walch
  • 2014 Writing/Composing Teams Cara Reichel & Peter Mills, Glenn Slater & Wendy Leigh Wilf, Marisa Michelson & Jason Grote and Director Erin Ortman, Hunter Bell & Eli Bolin and Writer/Director Lee Overtree
  • 2013 Writing/Composing Teams Laura Harrington, Adam Gwon & Jenny Giering; Gordon Leary & Julia Meinwald; Writer/Composer/Performer Benjamin Scheuer and Director Sean Daniels
  • 2012 Writers Maribeth Graham, Christine Toy Johnson, Lance Rubin, Jason “Sweet Tooth” Williams, Marc Wolf; Composers Joe Iconis, Dana Rowe; Director Kay Matschullat
  • 2011 Writers Chiori Miyagawa, James Still; Composing Teams Will Aronson & Daniel Mate, Evan & Mike Yionoulis
  • 2010 Writers Sharon Bridgforth, Sarah Hammond, Susan Mosakowski; Composing teams Randy Blair & Timothy Michael Drucker, Zach Redler & Sara Cooper
  • 2009 Director/Writer Steve Cosson; Director/Adaptor Stephen Fried; Writer/Composer Adam Gwon; Actor/Writer Dael Orlandersmith; Writer Betty Shamieh
  • 2008 Composing Team Hunter Bell & Jeff Bowen, Director Michael Berresse, Music Director Larry Pressman; Composing Team Aaron Jafferis & Ian Williams; Writer/Composer Polly Pen.

Next Dates

Spring 2019